Principle And Application Of Constant Temperature Control Valve For Tubular Heater

Principle and Application of Constant Temperature Control Valve for Tubular Heater
  Tubular Heater thermostatic control valve in the 20th century, 40 years first appeared in Europe, in the early 80s China began to develop their own Tubular Heater thermostatic control valve, into the mid and late 90s, with the heat metering policy and technology continues to deepen and the majority The people of the room temperature of the individual requirements, a variety of domestic and imported Tubular Heater thermostatic control valve products came into being, and in many domestic projects have been used.
In the Tubular Heater heating room temperature control can be used Tubular Heater thermostatic control valve for control, but also can be used to control the characteristics of a good manual temperature control valve. The advantage of using the Tubular Heater thermostatic control valve control is that it can make better use of the "free heat" to achieve the purpose of energy saving, while avoiding the user to cumbersome repeated adjustment.
First, the Tubular Heater temperature control valve works and classification
Tubular Heater constant temperature control valve by the thermostat controller and the valve body composed of two parts. The principle of the role of the user will be rotating the thermostat controller to the required set temperature, when the indoor temperature exceeds the set temperature, the temperature controller within the temperature package (within the filling temperature medium) by thermal expansion, volume increases, So that the valve off small, reduce the Tubular Heater inlet flow, so that room temperature to set the temperature. When the indoor temperature is lower than the set temperature, the temperature package by the cold shrinkage, the volume decreases, the valve spool return spring to push the valve stem, the valve open, increasing the Tubular Heater inlet flow until the room temperature to set value.
1. Constant temperature controller
The temperature controller according to its temperature package can be divided into temperature package built-in type and remote type. As the temperature package is the ambient air temperature, while the temperature control valve adjustment action is also due to changes in temperature package volume, so the location of the temperature package for the correct use of temperature control valve is very important. In most cases, it is necessary to adjust the indoor temperature of the room in which the Tubular Heater is located. In some specific cases, if the tube heater is blocked by a Tubular Heater cover, the temperature control valve is located in the hood, or there are other hot (cold) sources, such as stove, strong lighting, etc., At this time the temperature package is felt around the local high temperature, not the exact room temperature, should adopt the remote type thermostat controller, the sensor can be accurately adjusted room temperature by the strong heat source less interference in order to achieve accurate control of the room The purpose of temperature. In some special systems, such as horizontal single-tube downstream system, only in the first group of Tubular Heater installed Tubular Heater temperature control valve, and the user again to adjust the living room or master bedroom room temperature can also be used remote Type temperature control valve, the temperature sensor placed in the living room or master bedroom to collect its temperature to adjust.
The thermostat controller can be classified according to the different temperature of the warm medium, which can be divided into the following four categories.
(1) steam temperature package.
The medium filled in the temperature package is a low boiling point liquid. When the outside temperature rises, the partial liquid is vaporized into the gas. The volume of the temperature package is increased to push the valve stem, close the small valve opening and reduce the inlet heat Flow, when the outside temperature is reduced, part of the gas and liquefied into liquid, warm package volume decreases, the valve opening increases to increase the Tubular Heater inlet flow. This temperature inside the temperature package is often in a gas-liquid mixed state, from the merits of the role of time is rapid, but the temperature package is very strict sealing, the current application in the country rarely.

(2) liquid temperature package.
Temperature package filled with temperature-sensitive medium for the special liquid, usually methanol or toluene. This kind of warm package larger, the role of time is short, the current application in the country more widely.
(3) solid temperature package.
Warmer is filled with a high coefficient of expansion of the solid, mostly paraffin and so on. As the solid relative to the gas and liquid heat (cold) volume changes smaller, so the temperature movement is slower, but the volume relative to the liquid temperature package is small, there are some applications in the country.