SRY2-220 / 3KW Tubular Heater

SRY2-220 / 3KW tubular heater

Heater Alias: sheathed tubular electric heater, immersed electric heater, immersed electric heating tube, tubular electric heater, tubular electric heater element, air duct electric heater, sheathed electric heater, tubular Heater, Explosion-Proof Heater, Electric Heater, Jacketed Tubular Electric Heater, Electric Heating Pipe, Explosion-Proof Electric Heater, Stainless Steel Electric Heating Pipe, Immersion Tubular Electric Heater, Flanged Electric Heating Pipe, SRY2 / SRY3 / SRY4 immersion oil heaters, tubular electric heaters, SRY6 sheathed heaters, single-head heating tubes, ceramic electric heaters, caterpillar heaters, tubular heating elements, bolted electric heaters.

The Uses: SRY2-220 / 3KW heaters are suitable for heating oil in open or enclosed oil tanks, and can also heat water and other mediums that transfer heat to oil. Suitable for heating oil in the circulation system.