Stainless Steel Parts Production Process And Processing Method Of Stainless Steel Parts

Overview of the production process and processing methods of stainless steel parts

Stainless Steel Parts Stainless steel parts expertise requires professional answers. This article needs to answer two questions. Stainless steel parts of the production process and the specific processing methods which? Conventional semi-continuous hot rolling, CSP continuous casting and rolling, plate units, furnace unit This is a different processing technology, no one has a good advantage, to ensure production The stainless steel part elbow has good function and usefulness.

Stainless Steel Parts In the processing of stainless steel elbow, when the tapping to the thread fit size, may be thrown the two taps end of the situation, the reason is the tapered base surface longer. In this situation, the tapered surface is required to be short, but the end face may have a negative effect on the tapability. Tape end grinding short before and after the taps and the workpiece can be seen the relationship between the surface of the short side of the taper screw thread can not be properly imported into the hole, but by the end into the hole, thus affecting the tap function.

Stainless Steel Parts In the steckel mill, the history of the thermomechanical history of the stainless steel stamping elbow pipe is significantly changed, especially in the production of micro-stainless steel stamping pipe fittings, which will seriously affect the recrystallization level, grain growth and Precipitation, and lead to the entire stainless steel stamping elbow pipe length on the ultimate microstructure and function of the drastic changes. Grinding must adhere to the original geometric shape of the front guide, as far as possible the use of tap grinding grinder to stop grinding.

A better way to handle a long taper base is to customize a shorter tapered surface based on the specific requirements of the thread being machined. In order to extend the life of the tap, improve the quality of thread processing, stainless steel parts should pay attention to the elbow pipe fittings with good processing technology, in the processing of different methods.

Stainless Steel Parts To solve these problems, consumers had to tap the front of the taper to stop grinding, grinding before and after the taper before the guide. Due to the shape of the front guide after grinding changes, will still affect the tap function. The way to deal with this title is the steckel mill: the steckel mill consists of a reciprocating roughing mill and a 4-roll reciprocating mill. Two hot-rolling machines were installed on the conveyor line on both sides of the finishing mill.