Talk About How The Efficiency Of Tubular Heater Is Controlled

Talk about how the efficiency of Tubular Heater is controlled
 Tubular Heater manufacturers to tell you that the first is to see the structure of the heater, the inverter can only change the frequency of alternating current, thus changing the speed of the motor to achieve the purpose of changing the output power of the motor. The Tubular Heater manufacturers to remind you that the heater is not rotating, the frequency can not control the heating rate.
   Through the accumulation of relevant experience, Tubular Heater manufacturers sorted out a simple two methods:
   1. With diode half-wave rectification, change the effective value of alternating current, to change the heating power and heating speed of the purpose; this method is the most widely used, the advantage of simple circuit structure easy to operate.
   2. Transformer, with a small transformer transformer, the advantages of multi-file can be adjusted, the disadvantage is the circuit structure is more complex, high production costs.
At present, the Tubular Heater products in foreign intelligent temperature control instruments both low temperature detection and alarm function, and no Tubular Heater circuit fault detection, some domestic production of related products, large volume, detection and alarm configuration complex, poor reliability, Not easy to install and maintain, can not be very good to meet the needs of related enterprises.
   Tubular Heater products in the market demand, requiring Tubular Heater internal system transformation and Tubular Heater technology products cost-effective, easy to Tubular Heater system installation.
   Tubular Heater internal device works:
   The internal system of the cast iron Tubular Heater is connected with the temperature control instrument contacts in the Tubular Heater and the Tubular Heater. The current is detected by the Tubular Heater (blown) and the inside of the Tubular Heater The voltage of the instrument is switched on and off. If the instrument contacts are normally open and closed, there is no effect on the device in the Tubular Heater normally, but only the signal output in the Tubular Heater will be caused. Only when the Tubular Heater has a fault of the internal system of the Tubular Heater, the Tubular Heater (Display, buzzer, host control, etc.) in conjunction with other Tubular Heater to achieve Tubular Heater control function requirements.
   In recent years, China's mechanical Tubular Heater market after technological upgrading has been a very good development, opened into a relatively stable industrial chain format. From the scale of production scale, China's mechanical Tubular Heater manufacturers to small and medium-sized small and medium-sized. In addition, due to the flexibility and universality of Tubular Heater applications, resulting in the Tubular Heater industry concentration is relatively speaking, the national distribution is not in place. China has used a number of output value reached 100 million yuan of Tubular Heater manufacturers, such as the hot machinery, some products have entered the international market for the domestic Tubular Heater industry has made a great role in promoting the development.
   Cast iron Tubular Heater price
   In addition, due to the huge domestic market demand continues to increase, but also attracted a large part of the investment of multinational companies, some overseas companies have also entered China's investment and increase production efforts. This move to China's mechanical Tubular Heater industry more intense competition, but also tend to white-hot direction, but also for our local enterprises to foreign enterprises to learn production technology, product research and other aspects of the increase in channels.