The Five Functional Advantages Of Tubular Heater

The five functional advantages of Tubular Heater

Tubular Heater is a new product, it is a conductor of converts electrical energy into heat energy, Tubular Heater can in a short period of time, for heating, need to be heated objects for a variety of Tubular Heaters work environment is different, so also is derived so many types of Tubular Heaters, small make up for everybody here today complete explain the advantage of Tubular Heaters.

1. Small volume and large heating power;

2. The heating of various media can be carried out on various occasions, such as explosion-proof situations;

Three, heating temperature can reach 720 ℃;

4. The heating system can be fully automated, including through the DCS system to control the Tubular Heater system;

5. Long service life, multiple protection system, safe and reliable.

Evenly distributed in the high temperature resistant stainless steel seamless tube of high temperature resistance wire, dense part in gap to fill in the performance of thermal conductivity and good insulation performance are the crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, this kind of structure not only advanced, high thermal efficiency, and even heating, when high temperature resistance wire in an electric current passes through the heat to the metal surface diffusion through crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, then passed to the heated or air, achieve the purpose of heating.

Tubular Heater at work belongs to the dangerous goods, please be sure to remember this, in addition to its maintenance is also very important, because the tube heater is charged to work, there will be some potential risk, so is very important to maintain about Tubular Heater circuit.

The function of Tubular Heater is characteristic

1. Small size and large power: Tubular Heater is the primary choice of cluster tubular Tubular Heater element.

2. Thermal response speed, high temperature control accuracy, inductive high efficiency.

3, high heating temperature: Tubular Heater depicting the highest working temperature is 850 ℃.

4. Uniform temperature of medium outlet temperature, high temperature control accuracy.

5, using a wide scale, and strong adaptability, the Tubular Heater can be applied to blast or general situation, explosion-proof grade of d Ⅱ class B and class C, pressure of 20 mpa.

6, long life, high reliability, the Tubular Heater use special electric materials production, depicting the appearance of power load is low, and choose multiple maintenance, make the safety and life spans greatly add Tubular Heater.

7. Fully automatic control: according to the description of the tube heater circuit according to the requirements, the outlet temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters are automatically controlled and can be connected with the computer computer.

8. The energy saving effect is significant, and the heat energy generated is almost 100% to the heating medium.

Convert electrical energy into heat to heat objects. It's a way of using electricity. Compared with general fuel heating, Tubular Heater can obtain higher temperature (such as electric arc heating, the temperature can reach more than 3000 ℃), easy to complete the temperature automatic control and remote control (on-board electrical heating cup)

The heated object can be heated to a certain temperature distribution as needed. Tubular Heater can inside the heated objects direct heating, high thermal efficiency, heating speed, and can be based on the technical requirement of heating to complete all the uniform heating or part of the heating heating) (including appearance, easy to complete vacuum heating and control atmosphere heating. In the process of Tubular Heater, the waste gas, residue and smoke can be kept to be clean and not pollute the environment. Therefore, Tubular Heater is widely used in the fields of production, research and experiment. Especially in the production of single crystal and transistor, mechanical parts and exterior quenching, the melting of ferroalloy and the manufacture of artificial graphite, Tubular Heater method is adopted.

According to the different method of power conversion, Tubular Heater is generally divided into resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating, electron beam heating, infrared heating and medium heating.