The Use Of Tubular Heaters

Electric heating parts series Electric heating parts series Electric heating parts series First, the tubular heater Uses:

  Tubular Heater SRW series of tubular heater components for the air heating system blowing pipe, for blowing hot air can also be used as a variety of ovens, paint dry, electric furnace original heat. SRW1 tubular electric heating element can radiate far infrared rays with wavelength greater than 3μ for heating dry paint, cotton, glass, plastic, food and other organic substances and other substances containing water, it is suitable for installation in the tunnel bake. SRW2 type, SRW3 type electric heating elements are each dedicated to non-woven equipment, hot-rolled electromechanical heating components. SRW4 type is designed for non-woven hot air drying and heating.

  Tubular Heater SRW type electric heating element specifications and technical data:

  1) Specifications and dimensions are shown in Table 1 and Figure 1.

  2) Operating voltage tolerance: not more than 1.1 times its rated value, the shell should be effectively grounded.

  3) working environment: relative humidity of not more than 95%, Wu explosive, flammable and corrosive gases.

  4) metal pipe material: SRW1-SRW3 are 10 # steel; SRW4 for 1Cr18Ni9Ti

  5) The maximum operating temperature SRW1-SRW3 is 300 ℃; SRW4 is 550 ℃;

  6) SRW2 for the removable fixed sleeve; SRW4 for the rectangular flange.

  7) Diameter of Φ10, Φ16, Φ20