Thick Film Heater Unique Design And Debugging Essentials

Thick Film Heater unique design and debugging essentials
Thick Film Heater is a specially designed to adapt to the use of the environment and the design of the heating device, it has compared with other products have a certain superiority, these advantages are reflected in the material, structure, technology, functions and other aspects. In order to ensure that the Thick Film Heater to play a better effect, before the need for reasonable debugging.
Thick Film Heater as a whole with stainless steel structure and waterproof design, it has a strong anti-corrosion ability, so that will be able to meet the needs of the outdoor environment. But also in the stainless steel liner and stainless steel shell filled with high-quality insulation material to improve its insulation effect.
At the same time, thick film inside the core components are also made of high quality materials, the process also uses advanced production equipment and technology, greatly increasing the electric heating pipe in the water corrosion resistance, to ensure safe and stable run.
Thick Film Heater design has a reasonable direction of the water flow, and in its internal disassembly plate, in order to change the direction of water flow to ensure uniform heating, no high, low temperature dead ends, high thermal efficiency. In addition, according to user requirements Thick Film Heater using multi-level control group heating, greatly facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of the machine.
Debugging Thick Film Heater, the first need to reduce the air Thick Film Heater itself, the pressure loss, the greater the pressure loss, the greater the energy consumption of the fan. In order to achieve this goal, it should be from the air Thick Film Heater itself to improve the structure, so that the resulting pressure loss as small as possible.
If the fan for some reason to stop working, Thick Film Heater should be timely current, and is strictly prohibited in the shell without positive circulation of air, so as not to cause early damage to the heating element. Also in the start, you must first start the fan, and then connected to the Thick Film Heater components of the power; stop just the opposite, the order can not be confused.
Thick Film Heater as a heater, naturally have most of the large heaters have components, the first is the heating element, which is the heat source of the workpiece when heated. Heating element models, specifications vary, so the performance is not the same, generally need to be heated according to the workpiece shape, thickness and the required temperature to choose.
And supporting the Thick Film Heater is the temperature control box for the ceramic Thick Film Heater to provide power and control the working state in order to achieve the purpose of temperature control. General temperature control box is equipped with a temperature controller, used to control, measure the temperature of the workpiece, and here the temperature recorder for real-time recording of the workpiece temperature curve for users to file for the record.
The same is true, Thick Film Heater supporting the temperature control box types are many, the selection of users need to be based on the scope of heating, heating process requirements and site requirements and other factors to consider, to choose the ideal practical temperature control box.
In addition, the Thick Film Heater will also be a lot of auxiliary materials, mainly KJ-type fast-connected long wire, thermocouple, compensation wire, aluminum silicate high temperature insulation cotton, their use is different. Which is quickly connected to the long wire is mainly used as temperature control box and the distance between the heater cable for a variety of heaters in series, and with a quick plug.
And the Thick Film Heater thermocouple is responsible for the temperature sensor, used to measure the temperature of the workpiece to be heated; compensation wire can be Ouwei thermocouple and temperature control box between the connection line; aluminum silicate high temperature insulation cotton is To prevent the role of heat dissipation.