To Ensure The Reliable Operation Of Aluminum Diecast Heater Measures

To ensure the reliable operation of Aluminum Diecast Heater measures
1 Optimize the design and installation of Aluminum Diecast Heaters to prevent internal fouling
Electric heating tube blown fault is the most frequent occurrences of all faults, mainly caused by excessive internal fouling. Due to the replacement of electric heating pipe duration is longer, when the occurrence of multiple electric heating pipe blown, the heater outlet temperature will not meet the system requirements, will affect the unit load and even downtime, to the enterprise to bring huge economic losses. Therefore, in the selection of Aluminum Diecast Heaters, the design and installation phase of the system should focus on the internal fouling problem. The Aluminum Diecast Heater manufacturers should be asked to increase the distance between the electric heating pipe and the inner wall of the main body, and the standby electric heating is arranged in the lower part.
2 to improve the ventilation of the Aluminum Diecast Heater control cabinet to ensure that the surrounding working environment temperature does not exceed 25 ℃
As the SCR power regulator thyristor work when the heat and has a SCR over-temperature interlock protection trip function, when the SCR operating temperature exceeds 70 ℃ trigger its temperature control element action, interlock contactor trip. Equipment operation due to Aluminum Diecast Heater control cabinet internal cooling problems and the working environment temperature problems caused by equipment outage failure occurs. Therefore, it is important to improve the ventilation and heat dissipation of the Aluminum Diecast Heater control cabinet to ensure that its working environment temperature is very important. In the heater control cabinet before ordering, manufacturers should be required in the design of high-power cabinet cooling fan, to expand the air inlet area, the cabinet size should be designed, the internal reserve of sufficient surplus space. Control cabinet where the power distribution room to install at least two air conditioners to ensure that the distribution room temperature maintained at 25 ℃ below.
3 to strengthen the Aluminum Diecast Heater inspection, timely detection of equipment abnormalities and processing
The unit in the operation of the power generation operation personnel, equipment inspection staff and maintenance personnel should check the daily operation of the Aluminum Diecast Heater and the control cabinet, and do a good job with the relevant data before the same type of comparative analysis to ensure that the equipment found in advance Hidden and dealt with. The items to be inspected should include: (1) check the opening and closing of the valve in the pipeline should be in the correct position, can not arbitrarily change the state of the valve; (2) check, record and analyze the Aluminum Diecast Heater out, inlet pressure, should (3) check the heater body ground wire is intact, whether the installation is connected firmly to avoid the occurrence of personal electric shock accident; (3) check the heater body ground wire is intact, (4) Check the bottom of the SCR power regulator fan and cabinet cooling fan is running well, if the need to stop the need to immediately replace the new fan; (5) check the control cabinet where the power distribution room air conditioning is normal, (6) measuring the SCR operating temperature of the SCR power regulator, such as the measured value close to 70 ℃ should take measures to improve the ventilation and heat to its temperature drop, if necessary, to stop the group (7) record the maximum running current of each group of Aluminum Diecast Heaters, and compare with the previous data, such as running current Large drops larger value, the thermostat parameters can be adjusted to improve the heater power.
4 do a good job of regular maintenance and maintenance of Aluminum Diecast Heaters
During the maintenance or quiescence of the unit, the Aluminum Diecast Heater shall disconnect the main power switch and carry out the relevant test and disassembly inspection. After the unit is shut down, the Aluminum Diecast Heater should be immediately detected to ensure that the problem is detected early and that there is sufficient time for the treatment. Test items include: each group of three-phase DC resistance and insulation resistance of each phase and make a record. If the insulation resistance is found to be less than 1MΩ, the cable head should be disassembled and the insulation resistance of the cable and the heating tube should be measured separately to distinguish the cable problem or the heating tube problem. If the three-phase DC resistance is not balanced, but also should be measured cable and electric heating tube to determine the specific location and quantity. At the same time do a good job of tube heater core inspection work, remove the heater inside the fouling, cleaning the electric tube to carry out cleaning, check the appearance and tightening of the heating tube, tighten the control cabinet to connect the wire, check, check the thermometer and Whether the thermostat action is normal. Before starting the unit, the insulation resistance of the heater should be measured again. If the insulation resistance of the individual group is low, it is prohibited to put the electric power into operation and prevent the electric tube or cable from being damaged. Should be passed into the media in advance, the inside of the heater dry and dry, when the insulation resistance after passing the power to put into operation.