Tubular Heater Is In A Dry State And Its Protection

Tubular Heater is in a dry state and its protection
When Tubular Heater is used in life, it is mainly in the water tank, in the course of its use need to pay attention to the phenomenon can not be dry, otherwise it will lead to more serious consequences. How is the existing Tubular Heater designed in this respect?
If Tubular Heater is heated, there is no water or less water in the tank. The heating state is less than a certain amount. It is not a set working condition, but it is not only the set working state, but because of the electric heating. Phenomenon, the consequences of continuation can be disastrous.
In order to avoid the Tubular Heater in a dry state, the market will be equipped with a variety of temperature controller or thermal protection device, this accessory can be heated water at the test point temperature reaches the set value after the circuit, stop heating ; And when the test point water temperature dropped to the lower limit, it will automatically close.
The reason why the fear of Tubular Heater dry, is due to dry burning Tubular Heater will produce high-temperature heat directly to the tank connection site, and its repeated heating, thus damaging the seal, insulation and water tanks and other important parts, very huge.
When a water heater tank inserted Tubular Heater, it constitutes a storage type electric water heater, this equipment in addition to the automatic reset with the thermostat, but also must be equipped with anti-dry for non-automatic Resetters, so as to effectively prevent it from burning.
With this device, when the heated water in the water heater is less than a certain amount, it will forcibly disconnect the circuit and terminate the heating, which prevents the Tubular Heater from burning the serious consequences of the accident, but also help Extend the life of Tubular Heater.
Whether in industrial production or in scientific research, Tubular Heater is a relatively frequent use of a heating and insulation equipment, in its processing process, often need to strictly control the temperature rise and fall. In the computer technology, driven by the electric heating of its temperature control skills have also made great progress.
Tubular Heater's control system can be divided into two categories, one is the hybrid control mode, it needs to first Tubular Heater and control system connected together before the control. Relatively speaking, this control system structure is more complex, the cost of inputs required is relatively high.
On the other hand, due to the transformation of the output channels in the Tubular Heater, especially after the analog conversion, so the nonlinearity is more serious, resulting in poor anti-interference ability, low control accuracy. In addition, the reliability of this control method is relatively poor, prone to failure.
The other is purely computer control, Tubular Heater this control method is completely different, at its output to remove the D / A conversion, the expansion of the voltage signal, the frequency of high voltage pulse signal transformation and other links, directly with the TTL Level pulse signal to control the solid-state relay on and off, and by solid-state relay to control Tubular Heater off, greatly simplifying the Tubular Heater control process.
Not only that, but also to overcome the shortcomings of the first control mode, give full play to the advantages of computer technology, making Tubular Heater not only can greatly reduce the cost of large, and can greatly improve the control accuracy. In addition, its anti-jamming function and reliability are also more secure, is Tubular Heater safe and efficient operation of the foundation.