Underfloor Heater Five Functional Advantages

Underfloor Heater five functional advantages
       Underfloor Heater is a new product, it is the conversion of electrical energy into a conductor, the Underfloor Heater can be in a short time, for the need to heat the object heating, due to a variety of Underfloor Heater work environment is different, so also Derived a lot of models of Underfloor Heaters, today Xiaobian here for everyone to explain the advantages of a full Underfloor Heater.
       One, small size, heating power;
       Second, in a variety of occasions on a variety of media heating, such as explosion-proof occasions;
       Third, the heating temperature is generally up to 720 ℃;
       Fourth, the heating system can be fully automated control, including through the DCS system to control the electric heating system;
       5, long life, with multiple protection systems, safe and reliable.
       In the high temperature stainless steel seamless pipe evenly distributed high temperature resistance wire, in the gap part of the dense filling thermal conductivity and insulation properties are good crystalline magnesia powder, this structure is not only advanced, high thermal efficiency, and heat evenly, when the high temperature resistance When the current through the wire, the heat generated by the crystallization of magnesium oxide powder to the metal tube surface diffusion, and then transferred to the heated parts or air to achieve the purpose of heating.
       Underfloor Heater in the work of dangerous goods, please be sure to remember this point, and its maintenance is also very important, because the Underfloor Heater is charged work, there will be a certain potential danger, so on the Underfloor Heater circuit The maintenance is very important.
  Underfloor Heater use Note:
   1, the working voltage shall not exceed 10% of the rated value; air relative humidity of not more than 95%, no explosive and corrosive gases.
   2, the wiring part of the heating layer, the insulation layer, the shell should be effectively ground; to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media, moisture; lead wiring should be able to withstand long-term wiring part of the temperature and heating load, Avoid excessive force.
   3, the Underfloor Heater should be placed in a dry place, if long-term placement, insulation resistance below 1MΩ, can be about 200 degrees Celsius oven baking 5-6 hours, you can return to normal. Or reduce the voltage through the heating until the insulation resistance is restored.
   4, the Underfloor Heater should be fixed positioning, effective heating area must be close with the heating body, is strictly prohibited air burning. Found that the surface of dust or contaminants, it should be promptly cleaned and re-use, so as not to affect the heat and shorten the service life.
   5, Underfloor Heater outlet of magnesium oxide powder, in the use of places to avoid contaminants and water infiltration, to prevent the occurrence of leakage accidents.
 Underfloor Heater manufacturers produced by the Underfloor Heater is equipped with a very large function, for people who is also a rare good equipment, through the use of Underfloor Heaters can achieve the efficiency of ordinary manpower is no way To compare, today the Underfloor Heater manufacturers to come to you for a detailed description of the Underfloor Heater this product.
   Underfloor Heater according to the shape is divided into: cast aluminum heating plate, cast aluminum electric heating ring, shaped cast aluminum heating plate, etc., is the Underfloor Heater for the heating element, with high quality alloy aluminum material for the shell by melt casting molding Heater, the use of temperature is generally between 150 ~ 450 degrees Celsius, can be widely used in plastic machinery, die, cable machinery, chemicals, rubber, oil and other equipment. Cast copper heater features a long life, good insulation properties, strong mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic field, etc., the external cooling surface to increase the insulation device, the heat sink sintering infrared can save electricity 35%.