Underfloor Heater Floor Heater With The Conditions And Advantages

 Underfloor Heater Floor heater with the conditions and advantages of floor heaters As the name suggests is to heat the floor, you can give the building to provide the floor of the heat. In more than ten years ago, scientists from Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, on the heat of efficient technology as a research topic, seeking to invent a space, technology, civilian areas of efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon heat Efficient conversion of materials. Floor-based indoor floor heating material, or it is a functional floor, its appearance and ordinary floor is no different, but in the middle of the floor built a high-tech heating layer, its significant feature is the power after the floor Itself can continue to produce heat and release to the indoor space.

  Floor heater electric conversion rate of 96% or more, more efficient than other heating methods.

  Underfloor Heater Floor heater power after the ground temperature can quickly reach 35-41 degrees Celsius, low power consumption, more energy than other heating methods, go out when the door opened, and immediately enjoy the low-carbon warm life.

  Has excellent resistance to stress, water resistance, insulation, stability. Even in the soaking, high voltage, bending and other extreme environment, there will be no security incidents.

  In line with national environmental safety standards, without any noise, enjoy the green life

  Underfloor Heater Nano-carbon crystal molecules fever, up to 50 years of service life, with the old age, warm long companion

  Floor heater as a new technology, not all manufacturers are able to achieve the choice of methods, so you choose the best to the well-known manufacturers to understand and use.

  Floor advantages

  1, comfortable, health, health: the ground heating is the most comfortable way of heating, indoor surface temperature uniformity, the room temperature from the bottom up gradually diminished, giving a good feeling of warm feet cool; not easily cause dirty air convection, indoor air clean Improve blood circulation and promote metabolism.

  2, to save space, beautify the room: indoor to cancel the radiator and its branch, increase the use of area, easy to decorate and home furnishings.

  3, energy efficient: geothermal heating method than the convection heating method of high thermal efficiency, heat concentrated in the human body to benefit the height of the transmission process of heat loss; low temperature ground radiation heating can be divided into sub-room control, the user can control according to the situation, effective Energy saving.

  4, geothermal stability: ground heating floor layer and concrete layer heat storage capacity, good thermal stability, intermittent heating conditions, the indoor temperature changes slowly.

  5, low operating costs: 20% energy saving than other heating equipment, can make full use of low temperature hot water resources or the use of electricity policy, reduce operating costs.

  6, long life: no scaling, no corrosion, no man to destroy, life and building synchronization.


  First, the heat resistance is good; Second, good thermal conductivity; again better thermal stability; environmental protection is also good, there are nano-carbon crystal molecules heating layer, intelligent regulation, easy installation only with these necessary conditions to be called For the professional floor heater.