Underfloor Heater Use And Maintenance

Underfloor Heater use and maintenance

1. Before use, you must perform a self-test by pressing the self-test button with your finger. Indicator lights should be intermittent flash, it exudes a broken alarm sound. Indicating that the instrument is normal.

2. For more than 10KV inspection work, you must implement the "electrical safety work procedures" staff wear insulated gloves, wear insulated shoes and ensure the safe distance to live equipment.

3. In the use of staff, to hold the bottom part of the insulation rod to ensure the effective length of the insulation rod, and in accordance with the "Electrical Safety Work Rules" provisions, first in the electrical facilities on the test to verify the Underfloor Heater Really good performance, can only be used.

4. Underfloor Heater should be done on a regular basis insulation test, start the test. Wet place for three months, dry place for six months. If the product is found to be unreliable should stop using.

5. rain, fog shall not be used.

6. Underfloor Heaters should be stored in dry, ventilated areas without corrosive gases.
Technical indicators:

1, the use of ambient temperature of -25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃; relative temperature of 20% to 96%, the use of occasions for outdoor and outdoor good weather.

2, the indicator power supply for the four A357 (AG13) button batteries, quiescent current ≤ 10uA, electrical life of ≥ 5000 times.

3, sound and light signal strength: alarm sound intensity (1m at 70db, 25m at the smell), ultra-high brightness red flash indicates the intensity (red flash, 15m at direct light can be seen).

4, the Underfloor Heater is always in a standby state, when the battery voltage is insufficient, the indicator sound and light signal is weak, both should replace the battery. When the Underfloor Heater contacts the electrode, the delay time between the indicator clearly indicates the delay time (both the response time) ≤ 1 second and the return coefficient ≥0.95.

5, the Underfloor Heater has a high anti-jamming performance, anti-shorting ability, anti-spark and distinguish between high-voltage DC performance (no response to DC only contact when the short sound).

6, self-test function: the Underfloor Heater in a continuous monitoring state, as long as a self-test button, such as sound and light signal is normal, with full circuit self-test function, both to prove that the Underfloor Heater indicator in the normal monitoring state can be tested Electric operation.