What About The Insulation Of The Tubular Heater?

What about the insulation of the Tubular Heater?
 Tubular Heater insulation down for a variety of reasons, the following simple analysis of the situation. Some customers buy the Tubular Heater is not immediately used, but put a long time before use. Due to improper disposal, such as the place where the heater is relatively humid, a long time will cause moisture into the heating tube, resulting in the overall insulation of the heater down. The quickest way to do this is to put the heater's heating core in the oven and use the high temperature to dry the moisture and use it normally. If you do not have the case of an oven, you can also use hot air from the heater inlet blowing, export out, a long time, you can also discharge the tide. There is also a way to directly blow the fan with the fan inlet and outlet, and then open the heater, the use of heat of the heating tube to heat the tube out of the tide.
       Of course, if the insulation is very low, it is recommended to consult the manufacturers, and then make a specific program.
       If it is not for the above reasons, some are due to the small sand of the pipe for a long time there will be liquid into the insulation lead to decline, you can not use the above method, the heater must be sent back to the factory for pipe. And then can be used.
    Explosion-proof Tubular Heater is based on the absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, developed a kind of energy efficient, new security, can provide high-temperature thermal explosion-proof industrial furnace. The industrial furnace is a kind of electric energy as the heat source, that is immersed in the heat conduction oil in the Tubular Heater heat generated, and then heat transfer oil as the heat carrier, and then through the hot oil circulation pump forced circulation, the heat transmission to one or several A Tubular Heater.
    When the Tubular Heater is unloaded, the heat transfer oil needs to pass through the circulating pump, return to the electric heating furnace and then absorb the heat and then transfer to the Tubular Heater, so the cycle, to achieve continuous heat transfer. To ensure that the Tubular Heater can be sustained and stable high-temperature energy. Meet the process requirements for medium heating.
   1, the device has a compact structure, Tubular Heater small size, light weight, easy to install. No pollution at the time of heating, can get higher working temperature at lower working pressure.
   2, a high degree of automation, Tubular Heater the use of advanced automatic temperature control mode, that is, through the set temperature feedback to the control system to achieve automatic adjustment of heat load. Using fuzzy control and self-tuning PID control the perfect combination of control technology, temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 ℃ ~ ± 0.1 ℃, or even more accurate. Tubular Heater And can be connected with the computer network, the implementation of man-machine dialogue. The control system can provide the DCS system with the operation of the heater, over temperature, stop, temperature signal, interlock state and so on. It can accept the automatic and stop operation command issued by DCS. And the addition of a reliable safety monitoring device. Such as: ① conventional electrical protection, leakage protection, short circuit protection. ② with a number of interlocking interface, at any time on the pump, flow, pressure for effective monitoring. ③ With a set of independent temperature control over-temperature alarm system, due to various reasons leading to conventional temperature control out of control, the system can not only timely alarm, and can not reset the Tubular Heater to ensure the safe operation of the system. And enter the contact signal.
   3, the use of heat-type closed-loop heating, Tubular Heater high heat utilization, energy-saving effect is remarkable, and low operating costs, recycling investment fast.