What Do You Know About The Characteristics Of Tubular Heater Products?

What do you know about the characteristics of Tubular Heater products?

Tubular Heater is a new, safe, high efficiency and energy saving, low pressure (pressure or low pressure), and can provide special industrial furnace, high temperature thermal energy in heat conduction oil as heat carrier, make the heat carrier loop through the hot oil pump, heat transfer heat to use equipment. By explosion-proof electric heater, electric heating heat conduction oil system of organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger, the explosion-proof control box, hot oil pump, expansion tank combined into a lever block, users only need to access the power, medium the import and export of pipeline and some electrical interface can be used.

The Tubular Heater product has complete operation control and safety monitoring device, can implement automatic control, can achieve higher working temperature under lower operating pressure. High thermal efficiency, can reach more than 95%, the temperature control precision of + / - 1 ℃. The equipment is small, the installation is flexible, suitable for installation near the hot equipment.

Heat is the process of converting electrical energy into heat. Many inventors in the world have been involved in the research and manufacture of Tubular Heaters since the discovery of heat effects through wires. The development and popularization of electric heating is similar to other industries, following the following rules: from advanced countries to countries in the world; From urban development to rural areas; From collective use to family, to individuals; Products are developed from low to high grade. Burgeoning in the 19th century of Tubular Heaters are mostly poor, first is used in the life of Tubular Heaters, 1893 DianWei bucket type of cheeper first appeared in the United States and use, and then to the use of electric cooker, appeared in 1909 that is electric heater is placed in the oven, that is heated from firewood to electric, that is, from electrical energy into heat energy. But the rapid development of the true Tubular Heater industry came after the invention of the nickel-chromium alloy for electrothermal components. Tubular Heater In 1910, the United States first developed the successful use of nickel-chromium alloy electrothermal wire, which improved the structure of the console, and the use of the console quickly gained popularity. By 1925, the products of electric heating elements were installed in Japan and became the original form of modern rice cookers. In this stage, the industry also appeared in the laboratory with electric heating products such as electric furnace, glue furnace and heater. Deluded as to 1925 families and 1910 industry Tubular Heater appear all sorts of breed and popularization application of rapid development, and especially in the family aspect, is a big stage of development in the history of Tubular Heaters. So the invention of nickel-chromium alloy is the foundation for the development of Tubular Heater industry.

After 20 s in new application development on no more than a period, but at this stage all have all sorts of Tubular Heaters are set in order and continuous improvement, become raise stage in the history of the Tubular Heater. In terms of household Tubular Heater, all sorts of instruments are designed to be more beautiful, durable and strong, and most have automatic temperature and control, so don't may not method, durable and strong, and most have automatic temperature and time control, so not method, temperature and the possibility of disaster can be exempted. Such as electric cooker, toasted packer, pancake, etc. All have automatic control. Meanwhile, the manufacturing materials are also improved, such as the use of grade A nickel chromium with the quality limit and the insulator with magnesium oxide or zirconia. In the industry, and tubular heating apparatus, using the automatic control device and use good material, such as wax pot, of molten lead furnace, all kinds of large oven, heat treatment furnace and so on are common improvement and application.