2013 corporate honors:

Labor Management Star Enterprise

2012 Advanced Teams Organization

Labor and social security management two-star business

Zhejiang famous brand

2012 Corporate Honors:

Safe manufacturing standardization

2011 advanced party organizations

2011 SME credit rating

2011 Enterprise Honors:

2010 annual profit-oriented enterprises

2010 advanced collective

Social responsibility award

2010 corporate honors:

Cixi charity model

Ningbo famous brand

Zhejiang famous brand

Cixi integrity enterprises

Business Administration AAA

Ningbo A-class taxpayers units

Gudang Street Yongjun advanced unit

National key high-tech enterprises

Communist Youth League Cixi "advanced group"

2008-2009 year, Ningbo City tax credit Class A taxpayer

2009 corporate honors:

National key high-tech enterprises

League organizations by the Communist Youth League Cixi City Committee as "advanced group"

China Quality Certification Center supervision and examination of qualified

Low-noise electromagnetic pump won the national utility model patent certificate

Soymilk new cup structure by the national utility model patent certificate

Electromagnetic pump VDE certificate

Black tube by the United States UL safety certification

Cixi City Charity Federation "charity model" title

2008 corporate honors:

Cixi public safety education and training base for enterprise safety training demonstration

New steam boiler was included in the national Torch Program projects

Pipe electric heating film was named the national utility model patented product

Cixi harmonious enterprises

Set up comprehensive management workstation

Zhejiang Province, high-paying technology enterprises

Cixi dedicated anti-cancer compassion unit

Cixi Tax Enterprise Culture Bao Jin Council unit

Side too cup of green appliances nationwide creative industrial design competition second prize

2007 corporate honors:

Ningbo famous brand

Cixi advanced collective

Hu Shan Street top 20 enterprises

A taxpayer of tax credit

Cixi create advanced collective peace

Labor and social security management two-star business

SME credit rating AAA level

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province, township enterprises management innovation 100 best

Ningbo City, the provincial heating components provincial high-tech research and development center

2006 corporate honors:

Cixi City, four-star management company

Cixi create advanced collective peace

Cixi City, cultural pearl enterprises

Cixi City well-known trademarks

Cixi municipal integrity enterprises

Cixi City science and technology innovation demonstration enterprises

Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award

Composite heating element was named Ningbo brand products

Zhejiang electric components engineering and technology center

Zhejiang Province, AA credit business class credit contract re-credit units

The company was named the national Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises

2005 corporate honors´╝Ü

National Torch Plan Project Certificate (new steam boiler)

Utility model patent certificate (new external thermal water dispenser liner)

ISO14001 certification

Zhejiang A-class corporate credit contract Shou-credit units

2005 Ningbo City Science and Technology Progress Award third place

Loan companies in 2005 credit rating AA level

2005 year Cixi hundred enterprises

2005 Cixi Science and Technology Progress Award third place

2005 Hu Shan Street top 20 enterprises

2005 Cixi advanced collective

2005 Cixi Ping An advanced collective creation

2005 Hu Shan Street advanced party organizations

Ningbo Senna Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. trade unions 2005 advanced collective

2004-2005 annual integrity of enterprises