Thickness for 1.5mm Heating Mat

Thickness for 1.5mm Heating Mat
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Product Details
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: SANA

  • Application: Heater

  • Origin: Zhejiang

  • Structure Material: Metal Material

  • Size: According to Customers Demand

  • Trademark: SANA

Product Description
Product Structure:
The heating element has two types. One of types is a Nickel-Chromium or a Copper-Nickel resistance wire wound around a small diameter fiberglass core, other type use Nickel-Chromium or Copper-Nickel resistance wire.
This resistance is then being placed between two layers of silicone impregnated glass cloth.
The heating mats are very robust, but at the same time very flexible.
The silicone heating mats are manufactured on request, and their dimensions are consequently adapted to any specific requirements.
The mounting can be done by the mean of eyelets, hooks or any other type of fastener. The back side of the heating mat can be supplied with a self-adhesive surface.

Product Application:
Freeze protection and temperature maintenance of vertical and horizontal tanks.
Hopper heating to prevent from clogging and acid corrosion.
Heating of press plates.
Freeze protection for control boxes.
Heating of Freon bottles.

DimensionDimensions on request
Thickness2mm Note: There is an extra thickness at the connection point.
Heating elementNickel-Chromium or Copper-Nickel resistance wire wound around a fiberglass coreNickel-Chromium or a Copper-Nickel resistance wire
VoltageAny voltage on request
OutputUp to 5KW/M 2
Tolerance±10% on resistance
Max surface temperature200degree
Min exposure temperature-60degree

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